What we do

Executive Coaching

Managing tough transitions and growth

Working one-on-one with a bank of hours, this provides the support and challenge to achieve professional goals and take the appropriate steps to get there. The focus can be performance, transition, leadership and skill building or any combination of these.

Personal coaching and support

Feeling stuck, or unable to change negative behaviors

Working one-on-one generally with a bank of hours, this focuses on enabling an individual to overcome deep-seated blocks that might hold a talented individual back. The focus is often on relationships, self- sabotage, imposter syndrome, or changing perspective and beliefs to enable personal growth.

Energy work

Releasing somatic and mental blockages to reduce stress and anxiety

Working one-on-one the focus here is to help balance an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing. There are many systems and approaches depending on how imbalance presents itself. These may include excessive worrying, uncharacteristic lack of energy or problems focussing.

Leadership masterclasses

Focusing on communication skills and self-care

Working remotely in small groups of 4-6 people over a series of weeks, or 1-2 days when face-to-face, these skill-based workshops focus on presenting, executive presence, influencing and persuading others, media training, being a great corporate advocate, and resilience.


Offering tailored solutions to specific alignment issues

This generally involves stakeholder engagement, data collection and analysis followed by solution design and implementation. Projects include external collaborations and partnerships; culture analysis; leadership behaviors; and values assessments.


Coming again once Covid restrictions have been lifted

These take place in France, Italy or the USA and last a week. Open programs focus on personal and inner development; tailored programs are specifically co-created with a team or organization’s goals in mind.