Jessica Pryce-Jones

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Hi there, great that you want to know a bit more about me. Well, I started my career in finance where I learned about numbers, strategy and leadership. After 10 years in the corporate world, I did a psychology degree; I wanted to understand why some of my bosses were brilliant and others were frankly dismal. Those insights launched a new career facilitating, coaching, designing interventions and writing.

Coachees and delegates tell me I’m warm, funny, challenging and rooted in practicality. Most importantly, I believe in using hard, soft, and intuitive information to get to the heart of complex and opaque professional issues. Tapping into this different knowledge gives fresh insight into how to solve problems, particularly around our worries and our work.

My clients include multinationals in health care, professional services, FMCG, banking, creative, education, manufacturing, publishing and engineering industries as well as the public and not-for- profit sectors.

I’ve also worked as adjunct faculty in leadership development at many business schools including Cambridge Judge, Cass, Cornell, Chicago Booth, Cranfield, London Business School, and Saïd (Oxford); and I’m a Fellow of Harvard’s Institute of Coaching. Finally, I’ve published two books (Happiness at Work: Maximizing Your Psychological Capital for Success and Running Great Meetings & Workshops For Dummies) and am putting off finishing a third, 'Intuition at Work'.

I live in France and the UK but work all over the world; I’m really into weightlifting and walking my dog in the woods.

Diane Lytollis

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I’m a business intuitive who has been working in and heading up finance functions for the past twenty years.  Meaning I have a wide and deep knowledge of numbers and their impact driving a business, as well as the issues and dilemmas that leaders face.

In 2014 I left the corporate world of finance to focus on working intuitively.   Now as a certified professional coach and mentor, I help others identify their true sense of self, mission, and purpose; that means removing barriers to success and finding solutions to bring about desired change.   

My mission is to help everyone connect with and recognise their intuitive self while learning to pay attention to important signs and signals.  Using my intuition, sensitivity, and empathic nature I now consult, train and coach others.   

My intuitive work is my passion, and this is reflected in the support and mentorship I offer, especially in coaching and self-development.  Working intuitively to help people identify and remove life’s blocks is so rewarding and what I do best; I’m deeply motivated to empower people to help them move forward personally and professionally.

Clients include leaders in multinationals in banking, consulting, pharma, education, health, manufacturing as well as the public and not-for-profit sectors.

I live near Oxford, UK but work all over the world.

Fiorenza Scholey

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“Your relationship with yourself determines your relationship with the world”.

We all have challenges that we have trouble navigating and that can hold us back. In both professional or personal contexts, conflict, loss, disappointment, unmet expectations and tough relationships all have a common thread. The key is to step back, take stock and create strategic plans to move forward.

My coaching clients tell me that I empower them to find clarity and answers to the issues they face. And that the breadth and depth of my personal and professional experiences are a powerful resource in enabling them to make progress.  They also say that it’s my warmth, insight and empathy that they most appreciate about me.

I love working with people who find themselves stuck, to create action-based strategies that help them achieve their goals. As a certified hypnotherapist, I know that the subconscious can be a helpful adjunct to traditional coaching interventions. My natural intuitive insights and ability to read energy accelerate that process.

I live in New York and Italy with my family but work all over the world.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein Qualifications from: Life Purpose Institute, San Diego, California NLP Center of New York

Jo Bishop

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I went straight from school into managing retail sales and customer service in my hometown. Dealing with the public at a young age, taught me all about people, and I learned how to work with everyone. Moving into corporate travel and financial services in a management role, I got a good grasp of strategy and leadership.

My natural empathy and interest in developing my team led organically to qualifying professionally in Learning and Development.

I’m a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development (UK), have a post-graduate diploma in human resource management, and am a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists. To add to that, I’m also a qualified career counsellor and executive coach.

Absolutely grounded in practical application, whether I’m coaching an individual, team, department, function or organization, I work with every aspect of being human. 

My clients tell me that my approach offers a supportive and creative, yet challenging and dynamic space to work together and grow. That’s what I strive for every time.

I live in the UK and work all over the world.

Joy Jacobson

Photo of Joy Jacobson

Welcome! It’s great to have the chance to share a little about me. For the last eight years, I have worked as a professional actress, after receiving my MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. You may have seen me on such TV shows as “Looking for Alaska” or “24: Legacy,” and in such movies as “Instant Family” or the remake of “Roots,” as well as dozens of commercials.

I’ve spent many hours in front of audiences – from thousands in big theatres to a single producer in a room. I know what it feels like to perform at the top of my game in front of people, and I love sharing the tools and techniques I’ve learned with groups or individuals because I know they make a difference.

Before my acting and coaching career, I worked in International Development serving as Vice President of the Youth for Development & Cooperation, which was affiliated with the United Nations. As VP, I led conferences all around the world on such global issues as poverty, education and the environment.

Alongside my professional work, I am passionate about connecting more deeply to “self.” I study meditation, yoga, intuition, reiki and other healing modalities. When appropriate, I integrate those into my coaching work.

I live in Los Angeles but work all over the world.

Christina Leong

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With a degree in IT, I have worked across various industries, from Programme Management, Quality Assurance at King’s College London to implementing investment strategies in property, and subsequently consulting and relationship coach to global C-suites, successful serial entrepreneurs and city professionals. I’m based in London, UK but work collaboratively with industry professionals globally.    

Described by clients as incredibly observant, alert and with good strong instincts, they comment that I have a real affinity for understanding them. That ability to read emotional responses, to identify and unravel core issues guide and support my coachees as they map a successful path forward. 

My areas of expertise are personal power, performance, rebuilding post life crisis, personal, business relationships and work-life integration. I grew up in Malaysia and my holistic approach is a blend of eastern philosophy, Chinese metaphysics with modern psychology. To add to that, I’m a mental health first aider, also certified in positive psychology, relationship & family coaching. 

Reflecting my strong belief in living an enriched life, I skydive, am learning French Polynesian & Hawaiian dance, and love adventuring off the beaten path. One of my best life experiences was training over four months to qualify and compete at a big dance competition in Tahiti.

Life, as we know, is finite; I’m always curious to know - if you experienced every day as if it’s the best day of your life, what would your day look like and how would you share it with those you love and care for?

Donna Racik

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I am an intuitive coach who has decades of experience working with performers under intense pressure. For over 30 years I’ve been an assistant conductor, vocal coach and core part of the music staff at the Metropolitan Opera, New York.

My professional experience means I’m quick to identify blocks or challenges, then recognize how to overcome them, both in group and one-to-one settings. My deep knowledge of physical, psychological and energetic tools means that anyone who works with me is encouraged and enabled to bring out and leverage the very best of themselves - fast.

Everyone who works with me tells me I’m warm; I also like to think I bring wisdom, humor and joy to what I do. With a wide and deep skill-set, I help individuals and leaders shift obstacles and re-pattern blocks. I particularly like working with performers, creatives and anyone facing one-off stressful situations; individuals and groups often tell me they are amazed by the speed of the results.

I’ve got these qualifications and trainings:

* Certified Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy

* Advanced Practitioner in The Eden Method

* Biofield tuning

* Reiki techniques


* Herbal studies, flower essences

* Meditation and Eastern-inspired exercises, touch and movement

I live in New York but work all over the world.

David Shukman

Photo of David Shukman

I'm an award-winning journalist, communicator and storyteller who focuses on climate change and sustainability.

As the BBC’s first Science Editor, I led its environment reporting for nearly twenty years with worldwide assignments from the Arctic to the Amazon.

A speaker, broadcaster and consultant, I draw on my unique experience to explain the greatest challenge of our time and to highlight the potential for positive action.

I''m also a Visiting Professor in Practice at the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics and an adviser to Oxford University’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.

When the surf is up, you can find me on my longboard in Les Landes.

Delphine Parmenter

Photo of Delphine Parmenter

I am a corporate educator and Professional Certified Coach who specializes in partnering with senior leaders and management teams to explore their communications, leadership and strategic challenges. With extensive international business experience in Asia, Europe and North America, my coaching practice focuses on professionals achieving their leadership goals while deepening knowledge of themselves and discovering more profound ways of working with their teams.

Clients describe me as a gifted development professional who creates a safe space through a balance of supporting and challenging clients to facilitate transformation.

French by birth, I grew up in the USA, so I work in French and English. I currently lives in Paris, having worked in New York, London and Singapore.

Because I grew up in California, the ocean has been a passion all my life.

Victoria Starkey

Photo of Victoria Starkey

Two things define my life, following my intuition down new and exciting paths, and people: all people. That’s why I’m so suited to my career as a business coach.

I’ve hopped over a few obstacles, and it’s always fascinated me how each one has been a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow. Those varied challenges have taught me how to identify and call-up my natural capabilities and resilience.

I became an executive coach and facilitator because I really benefitted from others’ help; I know how important it is to have a partner when you’re on the road to transformation.

My corporate career spanned 15 years and three different countries, so I’ve worked through dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and change.

My clients all comment on my sunny personality and easy-going nature. They say they feel comfortable with me, and my warmth takes the edge off those uncomfortable questions that need to be asked.

I live in South-West France and work around the world both in English and French.

I love yoga, meditation, reiki and dancing.